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Pupdate: GCR Arrow - Service Dog in Training

We take Arrow with us on hikes all the time and he does so well. The first few hikes we took him on he would be a little aggressive with men we’d encounter on the trail but as of late he may give a curious bark or sniff or just not even acknowledge them at all. His recall at the dog park amidst a bunch of dogs and people with balls is getting great and almost perfect every time. I’ve started taking him skateboarding with me which was tough at first because he would bark, bite, and herd my board but the more we do it the more he just runs next to me and it’s become more of a game than a job.

We had a nine people over for Thanksgiving which we were apprehensive about initially due to the big crowd in his house and he was a little spazzy and up to his old ways at first. I have a tall friend with a deep voice and Arrow did not like him at first, to the point Arrow jumped up and nipped his face, but by the end of the night he calmed down and was friends with everyone.

We’re excited for snow season to come and to see how he does playing in the snow and running with us on snowboards. We get compliments all the time about how beautiful he is and I think the same thing at least 20 times a day. He’s become a gigantic snuggle bug in the morning when he jumps in bed with. He’s such a great dog and we’re so happy with him. Thank you so much for him. He’s saving my life. We hope you have a great Christmas. Take care!!

-Matt, Charlotte, & Arrow

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