Border Collies




More than 45 years


breeding horses & dogs


Gold Creek Ranch Border Collies have been sold to wonderful homes across the United States, in Canada, and Puerto Rico.


Our pups have gone on to excel as working ranch dogs, highly competitive dog sports, therapy dogs, and sweet family / companion dogs, etc. Some pups are better suited for specific goals - we work with you to assist in selecting the pup that will be the best match for your plans. 


Border Collie Puppies


Please read:

Due to the overwhelming number of inquiries we receive, we are only able to respond once a puppy questionnaire has been submitted to us. There is no obligation in filling one out but that is the ONLY way to ensure we will get in touch with you.

Link to puppy questionnaire

We care deeply about our puppies and want to be sure they have every possible chance for success in their new home. Because of this, we have a process where we get to know a little about you, what your plans are for the puppy, and some details about the daily life and care the puppy will have. If you aren't comfortable sharing this information with us, buying a puppy from Gold Creek Ranch Border Collies isn't a good fit for you. If you are comfortable with this, let's get started! 

I am Interested in a Puppy From Gold Creek Ranch 


Please, before contacting us, first take the time to carefully read through all the informational material on our website.

More than 95% of all questions I receive are answered on our website. If, after researching us on the website and you still have questions, then please do give me a call as I love talking about our dogs and it is the best way to get to know each other which sure helps in deciding if we are the folks you trust to provide you with a new family member and work partner and for us to know the same about you.  

If, after doing your due diligence on our breeding program you decide you would be interested in purchasing one of our puppies, please be so kind and fill out a Puppy Questionnaire as completely as possible and I will happily give you a call and discuss putting you on the list for upcoming pups.

If, in the meantime, you find a perfect pup from another breeder, would you kindly notify me so I can move someone else up the list. Otherwise, I will contact you when a breeding has happened to check on your interest and if "yes" then again as soon as pups are born and we know what we have.

After reading through our website, follow these steps: 

Click the link below to read our Puppy Policy, information on how we raise our puppies, pricing and deposit information.

Fill out our Puppy Questionnaire. This is where we ask about you and inquire on details of the life the pup would have with you.

View our Expected Litters page to see current puppies or expected in the near future. We recommend getting on our puppy waiting list.

Once we have connected and you are ready to purchase a puppy, we will get you a Puppy Contract and request a

non-refundable deposit.

To read what others have to say about our puppies,

please visit our Testimonials page.