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Farm Diggity: Dog Training Supply Store

Great Quality / Great Prices! 

We love the collars, leashes and other wonderful dog training supplies we get from Farm Diggity. Plus, Farm Diggity is owned by a fellow Border Collie enthusiast Vickie Close of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho!

Link to Farm Diggity website:

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Skyhoundz: Dog Sports Toys & Products

Great Products!

Skyhoundz is a great site to purchase discs and other dog sports products.

Link to Skyhoundz website:


Rex Specs: Eye Protection for Dogs
Great Product!

Rex Specs are used to protect against almost anything imaginable - dust and debris during helicopter deployments with Search and Rescue Dogs, UV rays on mountain hikes or simple walks, bugs and wind during ATV rides, or punctures from sticks and thorns while chasing birds, or squirrels. 


Link to Rex Specs website:

Link to blog: 5 Reasons Your Dog Needs Eye Protection:

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Wrango and Banjo: Children's Book (hard cover and paperback) and Coloring Book

Featuring GCR Banjo (Rhett x Jen pup)!

From author Brent Ruby:

My new children's book is out and available! Order soon and order often to herd in what you need for a perfect Border Collie, Montana Christmas gift! Join the Missoula Hotdogs, a shaggy wildland fire crew from Missoula, Montana as they tackle the wildfire season while trying to train up the crew's newest rookie, Banjo.

This link is for a limited signed copy. Hardcover and paperback options along with an awesome coloring book are now available for purchase!

Link to purchase Wrango and Banjo book: