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Farm Diggity: Dog Training Supply Store

Great Quality / Great Prices! 

We love the collars, leashes and other wonderful dog training supplies we get from Farm Diggity. Plus, Farm Diggity is owned by a fellow Border Collie enthusiast Vickie Close of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho!

Link to Farm Diggity website:

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Skyhoundz: Dog Sports Toys & Products

Great Products!

Skyhoundz is a great site to purchase discs and other dog sports products.

Link to Skyhoundz website:

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Wrango and Banjo: Children's Book (hard cover and paperback) and Coloring Book

Featuring GCR Banjo (Rhett x Jen pup)!

From author Brent Ruby:

My new children's book is out and available! Order soon and order often to herd in what you need for a perfect Border Collie, Montana Christmas gift! Join the Missoula Hotdogs, a shaggy wildland fire crew from Missoula, Montana as they tackle the wildfire season while trying to train up the crew's newest rookie, Banjo.

This link is for a limited signed copy. Hardcover and paperback options along with an awesome coloring book are now available for purchase!

Link to purchase Wrango and Banjo book: