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Resources and Training Recommendations


I wanted this page created so I have a place to share valuable information, tips and links that can provide incredible and extremely helpful information to assist you with your new pup.

There is so much new information available and such great resources for fun, short 3-minute games that, from birth to old age, will help you and your dogs grow into a perfect team. Reward-based training, learning how to communicate in a way that the dog can understand (they can learn huge vocabularies but to learn what words mean requires us to understand how they relate to us in ways that are not obvious).

High energy fun and various treats and love is the best and really the only way to get your dogs to develop quickly and easily from being a chewer, a barker, over reactive, 'no way am I going to come when you need me to,' etc. - all of the things that can make life frustrating to both owner and the dog who knows he or she has displeased the family that they most want to please, but have no idea what they did despite what you think.

I will try to add new resources as I find them and check them out. However, the two listed above work well together and one may fit you better than the other. The biggest thing is pups can be over-stimulated if too much training and too long a session on a daily basis. Every day should have some time set aside, usually several 3 minute games (as you can fit them in and not all at once on those young, under 9 month pups), times that can easily be fit into a busy schedule that works best for dog and owners. Absolute Dogs is great as they post fun new games or bring up particular issues and how to address often in quick How To’s online. They will be in the U.S. later this fall and I am excited to hopefully be a part of the travel group with them as my sister is the U.S. coordinator for this tour. I will let you know if we are going to be able to get them this far west on this trip.

Please never hesitate to call or write if you need help, encouragement or just want to share something fun, silly or special about you dogs. I love to hear from you all.

God Bless and hoping for a fantastic year for you and your pups!

Suzy Foss

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