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Resources: Other / Misc

Below are some other resources you may find helpful or enjoyable.


Useful Resource
How to Assess Your Dog's Structure and Why It's Important
Great Video! 

Watch this video by Chris Zink to learn how to assess your dog's structure and learn why it's important to do so.

Link to watch video on YouTube:


Useful Resource
What a Border Collie Taught a Linquist About Language
Great Article! 

Interesting article - great read!

Read or download PDF of article by clicking HERE.

Link to read article online:


All- Around Great Resource
Border Collie Forum
Lots of Great Information and Discussion! 

Great resource for all things Border Collie!

Link to visit forum online:​


Border Collie Color Chart
Great Resource for Border Collie Colors! 

View or download PDF of color chart by clicking HERE.

Link to view color chart online:


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