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ADDRESS: 365 Gold Creek Loop, Hamilton, Montana 59840

PHONE: 406-360-1344

Puppy Policy

At Gold Creek Ranch Border Collies, we do our best to match the right puppy with the right owner/family. The addition of a puppy to your home should be a joyful experience for everyone, including the puppy. If you have an interest in owning one of our puppies, we would like to learn a bit about you, your lifestyle, and what your plans would be for the puppy. We like to start by having you fill out our Puppy Questionnaire, and usually follow up with a phone call so we can get to know you, and you can get to know us. Our puppies are sold to approved homes only. Please don't take offense when we request references, this is a due diligence step on our part to help ensure our puppies are going to the best of homes.

We receive puppy questionnaires daily and I respond to questions posed, request a phone call if more information is needed by either party and then the new contact questionnaire goes into the appropriate file for existing or future litters. 

The Breeding Has Happened

When the litter is confirmed, I contact you from the list to get a commitment and update for clear info from you on what is the final and most significant criteria you are looking for from sex to color and most importantly job. We have seen these criteria change many times while on a list so clarity at this point is essential to ensure everyone receives the perfect pup. At this point you can verbally commit to have a place held until the litter is born and we know what we have.


Puppy Selection - The Actual Process

The ranking for choosing is based upon the date we receive your completed puppy questionnaire and secondarily, priority goes to veterans, competitors, and breeders. Once the pups are born and we know sex and colors, a non-refundable $200 deposit is due immediately to guarantee a pup from the litter.

This is the way we can measure the success of our breeding choices and the needs of our priority buyers are very specific to their purposes.

We sell to great companion homes every litter and I assure you that you are free to contact every owner we have ever sold a puppy or dog to, they all feel they received the perfect pup for them. Many are on both our website and our Facebook page. Also, please feel free to call and ask me for contact info for our references.

The Puppies Are Here!

I will call you in the same order of receipt of your questionnaire and request immediate payment for a $200 non-refundable deposit commitment to purchase. I will know exactly how many puppies I can promise. The deposit is applied towards the $900 total price. If, after an agreed period of time for payment, there are openings due to lack of deposit payment, I move people up the list.


Puppy Pricing

Each Gold Creek Ranch Border Collie - regardless of sex, color, or parentage - is priced the same. 

Puppies: $900 each with $200 non-refundable deposit

Regarding both the $200 deposit and final $700 payment. I prefer a wire transfer, however some countries and banks have huge fees for wire transfers so I give people who need to mail an additional five business days for three day delivery. 

I call in order of request date but deposits that do not come in within the stated time frame drop lower or off after the list is full by those who paid their deposits in a timely manner. I am always willing to work with our clients if special accommodations need to be made. My number one responsibility to this process is to be the advocate for our puppies and ensuring, to the best of my ability, that our pups get the perfect home and to my clients, that they receive a new family member who will bring joy, love, and be a great partner in all of the plans the family has for them.


What if I sent a deposit on time but there is not a puppy in the litter that I want or if something unavoidable comes up in my life and I have to back out of the purchase? What happens to my deposit?


We will apply the deposit to a future litter of your choice. Should you or an immediate family member be injured, become ill or some life altering event happens that would prevent you from being able to provide the financial, physical, and emotional support a puppy requires, we will certainly consider a 50% refund. Once a puppy is chosen it goes off the market for a new home. When, at the last minute, we have a puppy available that is ready to move to his/her new home, this critical time for the puppy to be bonding with his/her new family is lost and we have to start from scratch to secure the perfect situation for the pup.

It's Take Off Time


When can the puppy come to its new home?



Your puppy has been chosen, their baby education has produced a sweet, calm, and charming new member of your family. They have had time to be comfortable in crates, driving distances, meeting lots of people and been exposed to different situations. Now they are ready for the trip to their forever home.

We allow pick ups at 7-1/2 weeks. We encourage up to eight weeks but we also have to consider your availability for travel, weather conditions for shipping and situations that come up that we will try to accommodate if possible.

If planning on having your puppy transported, we need destination location and date options as far out as possible but no later than week five. I take care of airline reservations if the puppy is shipping air cargo or by ground transport and I assure you we have never had a problem with the condition of the puppies when they arrive be it a quick direct flight or 18 hours to Puerto Rico, the wilds of interior Alaska, or a long drive with a dog ground transport.

If transportation is required, full payment for the puppy is due at week 6. Finding the best flight takes time and the airlines are great to work with. There is quite a bit of paperwork, photos, and good communication between myself and the new owners, plus purchasing the airline-approved travel crate and accessories, and finally transporting the puppy to the airport for arrival 2 1/2 hours before departure to meet airline regulations. Payment for travel is due one week prior to departure. One good thing about air cargo is that the dates can be changed at no additional fee. This is to accommodate weather and other issues that make a change necessary at both ends. 

I will provide current health records, information on the food and various needs your pup will need from day one, and I'm happy to answer any questions and concerns you might have.

When do you have puppies available?

We live in the farthest southwest section of the Rocky Mountains, called the Bitterroot Mountain Range, a huge swath of high peaks and limited access in to the various wilderness areas and National Parks that divides the Pacific Northwest and the Rocky Mountains. We encourage flexibility for shipping around weather constraints any time of the year depending upon both our Rocky Mountain weather as well as the connecting and destination weather. However, we have successfully shipped in every month of the year and never had any health or stress issues regardless of length of time in the process. 

We will have multiple litters in 2020. All four ladies will have litters each year. Please refer to our breeding protocol to understand our policy and what litters can be expected each year. The girls determine the breedings, lately they are stacking up one coming in to season within days to weeks of another. Keeps us hopping.  


We will be evaluating the puppies from these litters as all will likely be sired by our BCW Texas. His first few litters have exceeded all of our expectations and we need to see how he does on the three younger dogs with their first litters. Each female in our program has some shared top bloodlines yet also many new excellent lines as well. Being able to evaluate the puppies from the different mothers will allow us to determine what strengths are produced from the pair and are there any less than desirable traits we will not want to continue. We love all of our dogs and have carefully chosen them however it may be that one of the other wonderful males we have access to might be a better cross for one of the girls. We also breed outside dogs to allow us to keep a pup from one of our females to breed to Texas and keep her lines in our program when she is retired by the end of age 6. Knowing what she and Texas will produce will help us pick the right stud to sire her replacement in our breeding program down the road.

NuVet Plus - Supplement 

All of our dogs are fed a supplement from NuVet Labs called NuVet Plus. The product is amazing and while there are many benefits, the number one is boosting a strong immune system from conception to throughout their lives.  When the puppies are receiving their shots, this product has found to boost the immunity by nearly double the strength over puppies without the NuVet Plus supplement.


We encourage our clients to continue this supplement from the day their new pup goes to your home until the day they depart this earthly realm.

Due to the quality and high standards of production, this product is limited in production and sold only through qualified professionals in the pet industry. For more information about this excellent product please go to their website or call 800-474-7044.  To order you will need the following Order Code 11726.


What about Color?


I do not breed for color, however both Mia and Grace carry the red gene and three of the studs we breed to are red so there will be occasional red puppies. I plan to breed Jen to either Cinch or Red Rover in the spring of 2020 to keep a replacement pup for when she retires. Jen will produce black/white and tri. Mia and Grace will give us red/white and some tri as well as red merle when bred to red dogs and our GCR Smoke starting mid 2020. Skye is a blue merle and she will produce black and white/ also tri and blue merle.


What do you do with your dogs?

Our stud dog BCW Texas is with a pro trainer on sheep and qualified for the 2019 National Sheepdog Championships in Carbondale, CO. He will continue to compete in 2020 in Open competition. Skye will be going for some training in 2020 as well, not sure if on cattle or sheep just yet. Jen has had stock dog training on cattle and sheep, she now works cattle on our ranch. Grace is currently in stock dog training on sheep and cattle and will join Jen to work cattle on our ranch in 2020. The younger dogs will be attending puppy clinics in herding as they continue to mature and again, will be helping with the cattle on the ranch and possibly some sheep that may join us next year.

We breed for genetic and physical soundness and quality, athleticism, solid and calm dispositions and of course herding as that is the foundation of the breed.  We have pups in service with PTSD and other mental health issues, search and rescue, herding of course, also doing very well with national level trainers in agility and various dog sports.  We also are blessed with wonderful companion homes with active owners who are committed to the mental and physical development essential to a happy Border Collie.

Thank you so much for considering GCRBCs as a source for your new family member,

Suzy Foss



Border Collies


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