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Our Story

About Us
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Lee & Suzy Foss

Gold Creek Ranch had been in the Foss family for 97 years since the then 22 year old Sam Foss Sr purchased it. Eventually the ranch was divided between Sam and Alice Foss’s heirs. Sam’s youngest son Lee and wife Suzy Foss began their share of the ranching business in 1982.

The ranch is located in the Bitterroot Valley of western Montana, a part of the Rocky Mountains. For over 45 years Suzy bred purebred Arabian horses and now concentrates 100% on breeding top quality ABCA Registered Border Collies. Gold Creek Ranch breeds Border Collies for stock, agility, service and therapy, search and rescue, scent work, etc., and great companions for active homes.

Our dogs are ranch raised, well socialized and we run full panel genetic testing on all of our dogs (all our dogs are 100% clear on full panel genetic testing). We ship our dogs after appropriate kennel training and all will be current for age appropriate shots and worming. We want all of our dogs placed in happy, healthy homes and guarantee them or we will take them back. References available upon request.


Suzy's Breeding Philosophy

Our goal is to ensure every life we bring into being, be it colt or pup, that these precious lives be prepared for the world beyond our Montana ranch. The pups from birth to six weeks are handled daily and stimulated by a series of gentle movements that build up stress response to the point that by six weeks the pups are able to handle change in environment, noise levels, sudden moves and the activity of ranch life with total aplomb. The dogs are exposed to the noise and constant activity of ranch life, visitors and family. Our grandchildren are major helpers in the desensitizing of the pups, their socialization and of course being showered with love and gentle handling. Our ranch has regular visits by elk, deer, bear, coyotes nightly, Sand Hill cranes, eagles, and the cattle and horses are pastured within 20 feet of the puppy play yard.

Our buyers have all been raving about how calm and totally happy the puppies are when they first come out of the crate they have been shipped in across the country. They assimilate into new homes effortlessly. We try to keep a relationship with our new members of the Gold Creek Ranch Border Collies family, asking for progress reports, photos and success stories. We guarantee our puppies to be healthy and sound and should a pup not work out we will either credit for another pup or refund the purchase price if the issue is due to genetic fault. If a puppy needs rehoming due to unexpected life issues we will do all we can to assist to accomplish it and to ensure a quality home. In the event your puppy or dog needs rehoming, it is required that we have first option on the pup or dog. 

Special Thanks

To the Breeders Whose Influence is Found
in Our Breeding Program

Our male Texas is everything I could want and more. His breeder Richard Schwab died in August 2017. He was 81-82 years old and battling an illness, he died during hurricane Harvey which hit their area. He was a typical cowboy, a man of few words, so when he became a bit of a texting buddy giving me updated stories and photos of "Mr. Montana" has he called him, well I fell in love.


I never met Richard but promised him Texas and I would make him proud. It is breeders like he, Joan & Lynn Mason, Anita Pratt, the Knox’s, etc. who set a high bar for quality built upon generations of always quality and integrity.


When I grow up I want to be remembered for meeting their exacting standards.

- Suzy

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