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Teaching Your Border Collie Words

Thank you Robin Eschenbruecher for sharing John Pilley's video demo showing how he teaches his Border Collie words!

From Robin:

I wanted to share John Pilley's short YouTube video where he demonstrates how he teaches his border collie (Chaser) names of objects. 

John Pilley says that Chaser understands 2 concepts:  that objects have names and, she has learned cues (find, chase, shake, and put ...into tub) that associate names to object. John Pilley uses play/fun/praise as rewards to strengthen Chaser's memory of the name.   And he employs a structured way of giving cues.  He will say "Chaser, this is", then he'll say the name of object.  He'll spend 2 days per toy in 3-4 minute training sessions (which are essentially play with the dog and the toy).  And all other toys are put away during this time.  He repeats the 3-4 minute sessions multiple times each day for 2 days. Chaser has learned over 1000 names (of toys I believe).  She's tested monthly with random toys from the total # of toys and has a high rate of memory.   Pretty interesting way to train to connect emotion with memory through play (instead of treats). Then it's good bonding time and great mental stimulation for the dog.  

I also randomly look for sheep herding videos on line and found this one by Thomas Longton.  He has a nice way of explaining things in a quiet relaxed manner. 

Have a nice day. Sincerely, Robin Eschenbruecher


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