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Pupdate: GCR Pippin

It has only been two weeks since Pip arrived, but we already have such a strong bond with him. As soon as we brought him into our home, he was ready to learn and explore. Once he was tired of doing that, all he wanted to do was snuggle up next to us. That’s been a common part of our routine, though that’s not to say he still isn’t a lot of work. This guy has drive, which we love! After a day getting used to his new home, he really started to come out of his shell. He’s super playful and smart, so it’s been fun teaching him new things and watching him learn so quickly. At only 10 weeks old, we can already see how obedient and talented he‘s going to be. We cannot wait to start running with him once he’s older, as he has the drive to be a great endurance distance runner, which was exactly what we were looking for in a Border Collie, and more specifically a GCR Border Collie. His first few puppy classes have gone really well. After calmly observing for a bit, he becomes one of the most social puppies in the class. The puppy basics like potty and crate training have been a breeze, though not without their challenges. He’s not quite at the point of asking to go outside, but he will go on command. We have found that riding in the car puts him to sleep instantly, which is a good sign for our future road trips! So besides the occasional puppy craziness and desire to chew on us, he is super well behaved and even mannered. He’s also going to be a on the bigger side, as he’s already 17 lbs! Overall, we have been enjoying the challenge that this little big boy has brought into our lives. All of this is credit to Suzy, who raised an amazing pup with a great temperament (not to mention he is super cute). We’re looking forward to many good years with Pip! Tim and Lynn (Seattle)


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