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Pupdate: GCR Ellie

Hi Suzy, We have a female tri-colored smooth coat pup from your Texas x Skye litter 2019. She is such a joyful, happy pup and is so much fun to watch. I have never seen a dog make so much by themselves. When she gets bored, she will find a toy and toss it for herself to chase and leap on. She is a water lover and will take any opportunity to swim in the river, lake, ocean and even ditches. We’ve noticed that when she is playing by herself or with other dogs, if she gets pawed or snipped too hard, or hurts herself somehow, she will go to her safe place which is underneath our bed until she is done pouting. She is a very fun-loving, sensitive pup. She loves to cuddle in the mornings and sit beside us on the couch at night. Anytime me and my spouse hug or give a kiss to the other, she also wants attention and will come over and demand a kiss herself! We find this so funny. The pandemic began shortly after we got Ellie. As such, we were unable to socialize her as we normally would have with groups of people and busy places. Due to the circumstances, it took her longer to become comfortable with strangers, most notably children. I understand that many dogs are anxious around toddlers, etc. and we are still working with Ellie to get her comfortable around children. She has nipped a few toddlers in the two years we’ve had her. She learns quick and has a great demeanor. Both of us take her for regular runs and she has been a rockstar, even over 6 miles! We never have to worry about her running away, and are able to keep her off-leash at our family ranch in south Texas. We haven’t had any health issues to note. We are so pleased with our pup that we will be getting another one soon! Keep up the good work!

Carla Jo Ehlinger


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