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Pupdate: GCR Aoife

Pupdate from Gin Williams on her pup GCR Aoife (BCW Texas x GCR Skye Blue - April 2021 litter):

It's been precisely 2 months since I brought home this 4 legged bundle of love.

Aoife Grian aka Aoife Mischoife aka Oofie Woofie aka Goofy Oofy aka Awoooooofie aka Eefy Beefy aka Eefy (no)Teefy is one of the most well adjusted and adaptable dogs that I've ever met. She is smart as hell. She is determined to be good. She loves absolutely everyone that she meets, especially children. New sounds, sights, and experiences barely faze her (if at all) -- she approaches the whole world with eager curiosity and unbridled joy. She is every bit the Brilliant, Radiant Sunshine of her name.

People constantly compliment her not only for being adorable (which is obvious) but for how she is incredibly sweet, polite, calm, friendly, and well socialized. And I cannot take credit for all of this. I am certainly Good At Dogs (tm), and she is attending weekly puppy classes at Seattle's famed Ahimsa. Those factors help, yes. And some things are a blessing of chance. But first and foremost: Aoife's disposition is a result of fantastic breeding, and early socialization. She is the product of generations of carefully crafted lineages, and then weeks of work before she ever came into my care. Suzy with Gold Creek Ranch Border Collies thus laid a phenomenal foundation that I now get to build upon. That foundation has made Aoife one of the easiest puppies I've worked with, because that foundation was so well informed by canine behavioral science and long term experience alike, and so intentionally and carefully laid.

I feel limitless in what Aoife and I might possibly do together, and there is such a peaceful lighthearted joy in knowing that I can just relax, trust her, and see where she wants to lead me in this partnership. No matter where she herds me, it is sure to be an adventure.


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