MFR Nutmeg - Now Retired

Nutmeg's retirement is bittersweet for us. We first picked out Meg as a wee pup at Joan & Lynn Mason's Mission Falls Ranch in St. Ignatius, MT. Meg has been a beloved family member since day one! She has been a wonderful dog, and an incredible producer! Her pups have been greatly sought after, and have been successful in agility, as therapy dogs, and as treasured family members. With the focus on our own Border Collie breeding program, Meg has had to share us with the other dogs here at Gold Creek Ranch. We promised her that we would retire her young so that she could have a long life after being a mother. A life where, if the perfect family came along, she could be the "queen doggie" of their family. Such a situation presented itself, almost serendipitously, shortly after we decided to retire Meg. She has been transitioning to her new family and will leave Gold Creek Ranch later this week. While we will miss her terribly, we are so excited for her future where we know she will be cherished and spoiled!

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