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Pupdate: GCR Lad

Lad is such a sweetheart we cannot express how thankful we are for his sweet disposition and eager friendliness with strangers. A couple of my friends at work were so shocked and in awe of how gentle, kind, and friendly he was. I suppose they expect the boisterous and hyper puppies that come in. I know this is due to his great personality for being so affectionate but I also believe it is due to his intelligence and ability to adhere to the manners we have been teaching him. When he visits my clinic we have to say hello to everyone mostly because he wants to say hello; however, he is a crowd favorite amongst all of my friends there and the clients too!

Thank you for all that you do for your puppies. He has surpassed what we thought we wanted in a dog. Lad has taught and showed us what we truly wanted when we decided to add to our family. He is what we had hoped for and more. Also it does not hurt that he is so adorable.

Thank you again and I hope all is well at Gold Creek Ranch.


-Rachel and Davis Grady

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