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Welcome to the GCR family, Skye Blue!

So excited to have GCR Skye Blue join the Gold Creek Ranch Border Collies family. She flew in from Wasilla, Alaska last week and has assimilated into our family seamlessly. She is not just another pretty face, she is smart as can be, bold, affectionate and quick to learn. She keeps up with the big dogs and they are so gentle with her and both cats have her nicely in her place without much to do. She is a tiny now 9 weeks old with the heart and voice of a lion.

Thank you so much Amanda Lee Robinson of North Star Border Collies for allowing us to purchase this perfect addition to our breeding program. She is already herding everything that moves and this morning stayed in a lie down while a wayward cow sauntered through the yard looking for a way back into her pasture. So proud that she is learning her commands so quickly.

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