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Service Dog in Training

Thank you to Mykenzie for sharing your story and LB's training adventures with us!

From Mykenzie:

GCR LB Johnson (MegxCinch 2017) is in training to become my service dog. I shared this video with Suzy and she thought some of you may be interested to see a new milestone LB and I have reached.

LB naturally began alerting to my heart rate by a chemical change of increased cortisol in my sweat which happens during a panic attack or extreme stress, for me. Today I started introducing cortisol training with saliva samples. The video shows LB pawing at me when sniffing the 158 bpm heart rate sample and not pawing at the sample where my heart rate was only 80 bpm. This is huge for us and I'm so thankful to have LB learning these tasks to help keep me safe.

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