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Border Collies



I cannot put into words the joy each of the brilliant, sweet, silly pups we breed bring to us when their families share their joy the pups bring to their lives. I expected they would be talented livestock herders and fierce agility competitors, but to learn of the impact one of our pups has on his owner's life as a service dog, well, there are simply no words. We are incredibly proud of each and every pup we have bred.

Please enjoy reading about them in their owner's words below.


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(BCW Texas x GCR Skye Blue - Dec 2019 Litter)
Carla E.

Hi Suzy,


We have a female tri-colored smooth coat pup from your Texas x Skye litter 2019. She is such a joyful, happy pup and is so much fun to watch. I have never seen a dog make so much by themselves. When she gets bored, she will find a toy and toss it for herself to chase and leap on. She is a water lover and will take any opportunity to swim in the river, lake, ocean and even ditches.


We’ve noticed that when she is playing by herself or with other dogs, if she gets pawed or snipped too hard, or hurts herself somehow, she will go to her safe place which is underneath our bed until she is done pouting. She is a very fun-loving, sensitive pup. She loves to cuddle in the mornings and sit beside us on the couch at night. Anytime me and my spouse hug or give a kiss to the other, she also wants attention and will come over and demand a kiss herself! We find this so funny.


The pandemic began shortly after we got Ellie. As such, we were unable to socialize her as we normally would have with groups of people and busy places. Due to the circumstances, it took her longer to become comfortable with strangers, most notably children. I understand that many dogs are anxious around toddlers, etc. and we are still working with Ellie to get her comfortable around children. She has nipped a few toddlers in the two years we’ve had her.


She learns quick and has a great demeanor. Both of us take her for regular runs and she has been a rockstar, even over 6 miles! We never have to worry about her running away, and are able to keep her off-leash at our family ranch in south Texas. We haven’t had any health issues to note. We are so pleased with our pup that we will be getting another one soon! Keep up the good work!


Carla Jo 



(BCW Texas x GCR Grace - Feb 2021 Litter)

Kris D.

Hi Suzy,

I wanted to mail you a handwritten note, so you'd know that what I had to say was special. But, my handwriting was so darn sloppy that after six torn up stationery cards, I decided email would be better and more legible: 

Vandelay is my heart. Your little Texas x Grace 2021 "dark green collar" smooth coat boy is such a delight and has an ideal temperament for us. We are so happy he is part of our family!

He and his border collie sister, who is about nine months older than Vandelay, are best friends. They play and run and have a good 'ol time. And, he helped her grow up and gain confidence. (She was a rescue we fostered last summer and then kept.)

The difference between the two is quite dramatic -- and I am 100% certain that it was due to how well you raised Vandelay during his first 8 weeks. He had manners and confidence right out of the gate, and training him has been a breeze. He came to us from a loving home, into another loving home, so success is virtually guaranteed. (It's a very different experience than the rescue who pretty much spent her first 12 weeks alone with her littermates in a small outdoor kennel while the rescuer worked two jobs!)


Vandelay brings joy to everyone he meets. We've made two trips to the 911 center for what I've since called "therapuppy" visits. He was magic, brightening everyone's day, even if for just a moment -- the toss of a ball, a pat on the head, a lap cuddle, or a kiss (or two, or three)... He was well-behaved and literally looked as if he was smiling.

Wednesday is the 1-year anniversary of the passing of our beloved border collie, Bogart. While we will always remember him lovingly, it feels as though the stars aligned and my heart finally feels full again. We are so pleased that from among all the applicants you chose us, so we could find our Vandelay.

Thank you,



(BCW Texas x GCR Skye - Dec 2019 Litter)

Tim & Lynn Carlson - Washington

It has only been two weeks since Pip arrived, but we already have such a strong bond with him. As soon as we brought him into our home, he was ready to learn and explore. Once he was tired of doing that, all he wanted to do was snuggle up next to us. That’s been a common part of our routine, though that’s not to say he still isn’t a lot of work. This guy has drive, which we love!

After a day getting used to his new home, he really started to come out of his shell. He’s super playful and smart, so it’s been fun teaching him new things and watching him learn so quickly. At only 10 weeks old, we can already see how obedient and talented he‘s going to be. We cannot wait to start running with him once he’s older, as he has the drive to be a great endurance distance runner, which was exactly what we were looking for in a border collie, and more specifically a GCR border collie.

His first few puppy classes have gone really well. After calmly observing for a bit, he becomes one of the most social puppies in the class. The puppy basics like potty and crate training have been a breeze, though not without their challenges. He’s not quite at the point of asking to go outside, but he will go on command. We have found that riding in the car puts him to sleep instantly, which is a good sign for our future road trips!

So besides the occasional puppy craziness and desire to chew on us, he is super well behaved and even mannered. He’s also going to be a on the bigger side, as he’s already 17 lbs! Overall, we have been enjoying the challenge that this little big boy has brought into our lives.

All of this is credit to Suzy, who raised an amazing pup with a great temperament (not to mention he is super cute). We’re looking forward to many good years with Pip ️

Tim and Lynn (Seattle)


Hi Suzy,

Here’s a quick update on Pippin. He’s doing great at 7 months old and 46 lbs! He’s been going standup paddle boarding with us this summer, which he took to very quickly. He’s even started to enjoy jumping in and swimming between our boards. We also play frisbee a few times a week and he’s a natural at it. Somehow he can even track my worst throws.

He also loves playing with his friends, especially his Schnauzer buddy. In fact, he loves pretty much everyone, so it’s been very easy taking him almost everywhere we go.

He just passed out of puppy obedience and should be ready for some agility classes in a couple months. He is so insanely smart that he picks up new things quickly and most of the time can understand what we’re saying to him. Last night he helped pick up his toys, finding them under furniture and dropping them into the toy basket! It seems like everyday he does something new that we were never expecting.

We love him very much. Hopefully we can visit the ranch with him sometime next year. It would be very fun to see him and Texas side by side.

We couldn’t have asked for a better pup! 

Take care,
Tim (and Lynn)
Seattle, WA

Screen Shot 2020-05-26 at 12.56.09


(BCW Texas x L.T.P. Jen - 2019 Litter)

Schmidt Family - Texas

Hi! Just wanted to let you know how much we love Frio (Texas x Jen - 1st litter)! She has brought a lot of fun to us. Her and my son Cole have a bond and play for hours together.



(GCR Smoke x L.T.P. Jen - 2020 Litter)

Edney Family - Montana

Togo is 7 1/2 weeks old now, home with us and growing so fast! He is such a wonderful pup - easy-going, confident, good-natured, and oh-so-loving! Smart as a whip too! He is learning his name, to come when called, and leave-it - and is doing very well! Those razor-sharp teeth though.... 😂  Huge kudos to his amazing breeder Suzy Foss of Gold Creek Ranch Border Collies for giving him such a solid foundation and setting him (and all her pups!) up for success!


Hi Suzy,

Togo graduated from Puppy Kindergarten and is now in a class called Companion Matters. Most of the time he is a star pupil, occasionally he has a day where he would rather play with the other pups in the class instead of pay attention - but since he is just five months old we know he can't be perfect all the time! :-) He is SUCH a great pup - very loving, so incredibly smart, and just an all-around great member of our family! We are completely smitten!



(BCW Texas x L.T.P. Jen - 2019 Litter)

Kate Viles, Sunny Acres Farm - Vermont

I have been meaning to post photos of the beautiful girl and wish her a happy first birthday. Happy Belated Birthday to GCR Scat Kat (Texas x Jen #1) and all her siblings. Suzy thank you for breeding such wonderful dogs. She will start her stock dog training in the next few weeks. If she follows in her dads paw prints I will be thrilled. I expect she will give this training the focus and enthusiasm she gives everything!!



(BCW Texas x GCR Skye Blue - Dec 2019 Litter)

Aspen McKee - Montana

Hello Suzy!
I thought that I’d send you an adorable picture I took of Bounce today and give you a quick update on her! She’s an awesome little dog, I have taught her many cool things and she is already picking up on some basic agility foundation training. It’s been nice to be able to stay home all day with her and teach her some really fun things, and she is quite a happy, energetic little puppy! She fits in very well with our other dogs and has become best friends with my main agility dog, Tickle. Thank you for the awesome puppy!



(Rhett x L.T.P. Jen - 2018 Litter)

Matt & Charlotte Harris - Washington

This first week has been incredible. He’s handling the city transition real well. Taking him on walks down Alki beach exposes him to lots of traffic noises, people, other dogs, bikes, skateboards, etc. At first all those things had him really alert, not quite scared, but at least confused. He’s doing much better now, only flinching at annoyingly loud cars and hyper dogs. I took him on his first hike today to Franklin Falls, a little 2-mile hike an hour away from Seattle and he did SO well. Since there was nobody in the parking lot when we got there I apprehensively tried some off-leash time and I was floored at how well he did. He would run ahead of me about 20-30 feet then stop and wait for me every time and if he got distracted by a smell or a log to chew he would come to my recall more often than not. It was really incredible to see. Then he slept the entire drive home after the hike and is currently asleep at my feet. Progress with the rabbit is slow moving. Charlotte and I are both so happy with him, as is everyone who meets him and can’t believe how well he behaves for a 3ish month old puppy. 


Thank you for everything!


Arrow is doing fantastic. Got his third round of shots taken care of a couple weeks ago and the Vet said he’s in great health. He’s growing like a tree. Seems like we don’t notice it then one day he’s an inch taller and a few pounds heavier. Since we got his shots done we’ve started taking him to dog parks which is such a treat to watch. He plays very well with every dog, big and small, although he still hasn’t quite learned that not every dog wants to play with an energetic puppy such as himself. The other day was great because there was a woman there with a 3 year old border collie and to watch arrow and this other BC chase a ball together was so fun. He’s getting great with his recall. Not perfect but occasionally he’s able to break from playing and chasing when he hears my whistle and he’ll come sprinting back to me. I didn’t expect the growing connection to hit me this way but it’s a complete new joy in my life. The highlight of my day is coming home to him and then spending every possible minute with him. We got him a service dog in training vest and I took him into a Target for his first test to see how he’d handle a big bright store with new smells and people and I was floored. He didn’t pull on the lead, didn’t focus his attention on anyone else, didn’t get fixated on any particular smell, he was perfectly behaved for a puppy. A couple of weeks ago we took him on his biggest hike yet which was a 6 mile round trip in the North Cascades which he handled so so so well. Didn’t show any signs of tiring out until the end when he was dragging me down the trail but it was pouring rain and cold so he just wanted to get back to my truck. The only slight negative we have with him so far, which he’s doing well to fix, is he still has that distrust in men. Not all men but some. Certainly seems like the ones who come at him wrong or just put off a bad vibe are the ones he’ll bark or lunge at but we’re doing well to get him to sit when he meets new people. I plan on getting him enrolled in obedience training in the next few weeks as well. 


Overall everything with him is so good, would be perfect if he’d chew his own toys and not our shoes but we forgive him for that. The journey continues and we’re stoked he’s with us for it. 


Take care,

Matt, Charlotte, & Arrow


We take Arrow with us on hikes all the time and he does so well. The first few hikes we took him on he would be a little aggressive with men we’d encounter on the trail but as of late he may give a curious bark or sniff or just not even acknowledge them at all. His recall at the dog park amidst a bunch of dogs and people with balls is getting great and almost perfect every time. I’ve started taking him skateboarding with me which was tough at first because he would bark, bite, and herd my board but the more we do it the more he just runs next to me and it’s become more of a game than a job.


We had a nine people over for Thanksgiving which we were apprehensive about initially due to the big crowd in his house and he was a little spazzy and up to his old ways at first. I have a tall friend with a deep voice and Arrow did not like him at first, to the point Arrow jumped up and nipped his face, but by the end of the night he calmed down and was friends with everyone.


We’re excited for snow season to come and to see how he does playing in the snow and running with us on snowboards. We get compliments all the time about how beautiful he is and I think the same thing at least 20 times a day. He’s become a gigantic snuggle bug in the morning when he jumps in bed with. He’s such a great dog and we’re so happy with him. Thank you so much for him. He’s saving my life. We hope you have a great Christmas. Take care!!


-Matt, Charlotte, & Arrow


Arrow pupdate coming in. Thing’s are going great with Arrow. The summer months have allowed us to take him hiking a bunch and get better acclimated to big crowds at farmers markets, art fairs, etc. and he does great in crowds. He definitely gets overwhelmed but he knows to stay close and he’s constantly checking-in with me by giving me a nose bump on my leg.


I think I told you I started taking him to obedience classes and he graduated from level 1 to level 2 really fast and his first time at level 2 he crushed it and made some of the regulars in level 2 look bad. I’ve started taking him mountain biking with me and he loves it soo much. He runs ahead of me like he was born to rip down trails and in fast sections he does really well keeping up with me. Took awhile to get him to stop trying to herd my front wheel but he got the hang of it eventually.


Today was one of the best days we’ve had in a few months because he finally learned how to swim! We’ve tried to get him to swim a bunch at the beach or at ponds on hikes but he never quite got it; once his paws couldn’t feel the bottom he’d freak out and turn around but today, with a little help from me holding him up, it all just clicked and he LOVED it. He’s such a great dog and for affirmation whenever we see our friends who haven’t seen him in a while they all say how much he’s improved and how good he is. We love him to death. Thank you so much for bringing him into our lives.

-M,C, & A


Good evening Suzy! I apologize for the severe lack in pupdates over the last while, our life was pretty hectic this winter. Nothing but great things to report on Arrow. I’ve probably said this every time I’ve emailed you but he’s just so so smart, to the point he knows certain swear words mean bad things, and the biggest sweetheart in that on the weekends when we sleep in he has no problem cuddling in bed for an extra hour or two. He’s learning things so fast these days and really coming into his own personality, it’s magical to see. This winter was a little rough on him as I was enrolled in a welding class that had me putting in 12 hour days and Charlotte was working long days but we were extremely fortunate to find some dog-sitters who were very well-versed in border collies and they did an amazing job at filling the void with hikes and snow days and obedience training, so I think Arrow probably came out of the winter better than he was going into it. The current state of the world sucks but Arrow is thrilled because he gets to spend so much time with us as we’re both working from home so much. Our journey continues and he’s the best thing I could have with me as it does. I hope you and your family are doing well and staying healthy. Take care, Suzy.

-Matt, Char, and Arrow

Screen Shot 2020-07-01 at 10.08.56


(BCW Texas x GCR Skye Blue - Dec 2019 Litter)

Susie Ruffatto - Montana

Josie's coat is pretty short/smooth. She weighs 14.3 pounds today (12 weeks old). I’d love to hear how she compares to her siblings on size. She’s wonderful, a fun, calm, happy, good pup. She loves people, especially children, and loves other dogs. She’s a perfect combination of brave and cautious, and comes to me in new situations, and easily gains confidence to engage whatever’s new. I love her to bits!! She brought her squirrel up on the couch to nap with her….
I’d love to hear how big her siblings are at this point.

Susie Ruffatto



(Rhett x L.T.P. Jen)

Glenn Spear - North Carolina

This is a shout out to Suzy Foss for an outstanding breeding program, with top notch results. My girl Breah is excellent around other dogs, never flips out with a vacuum cleaner running, able to go thru a car wash in my truck without any stress or barking, can sit thru a thunderstorm without trying to disappear. She also has a big thing for tennis balls. 🙄 This is not just me being lucky. It’s choosing the right breeder.
Thank you again Suzy and Lee. ❤️🐾🇺🇸❤️🐾🇺🇸❤️🐾🇺🇸



(BCW Texas x L.T.P. Jen)

Gardner Family 

Hello & happy Thanksgiving to you and your precious family. We are all doing so well. He is a potty training very well. Immediately picked up on the back door being outside. He now runs to the door even in the middle of playing to let us know he has to GO. I have been teaching him to pee and poo on command and he is amazing me with how fast he Goes when prompted. The first two nights he woke up once each night to go out but has been sleeping through the night ever since. He is doing so well with His sit command. 

He is also learning his name pretty quickly... We finally landed on RYKER for his name. 

His nipping and wanting chew on everything keeps us on our toes but I think he is starting to understand With lots of redirecting. His personality is still just as sweet as ever and he follows me everywhere I go which helps with keeping up with him. When I take him to his vet appointment on December 4th I will be asking about when I can start him in his obedience classes. We are all so eager to learn more about properly training him up to his Best and fullest potential. We are so very thankful to you and all your hard work in bring up such a wonderful BC pup for our family. 



Teah, Blake, Brayden, Teaven, & Ella

Thank you for bringing us together!



(Rhett x L.T.P. Jen)

Linda Browne

Lucy is kind, fun, playful and easy to direct. She is very healthy and still very much enjoys playing with her toys -- her current favorites are a ball and a very bouncy throw-stick. She often will pull a piece of old sage branch off a bush and run with it, even if it's bigger than she is. 


Life is good and I'm very glad she's a part of mine. 


Thank you for bringing us together!





(Rhett x L.T.P. Jen)

Thomas & Nora Helman - Montana

Javier is a sweet boy. Yesterday was day one on the mountain. We start with simple obedience and familiarity with snowmobiles and chairlifts. He has good socialization with other dogs and children in particular. It’s a pleasure to work with him. He has strong drive and it seems to manifest for him in a simple game of tug. That’s a great attribute for an avalanche dog as they finish each training by tugging the victim out of the burial site. Thankfully he’s not a barker. Hope you’re good and enjoying the holidays with your family.



(Rhett x L.T.P. Jen - 2018 Litter)

Sarah Duello - Montana

Jesse (aka puppy #3) is wonderful. He has been a wonderful addition to the family. He's always ready to go no matter what we do.  I'll be sure to send more pictures. 

Take care.




(Cinch x MFR Nutmeg - 2017 Litter)

Ricardo D. Segui - Connecticut

​If I talk about Electra she came with all the elements to be champion in agility. She is super friendly, high herding but great speed to run fast in agility. Not aggressive and active all the time. Learns super fast, loves toys and has focus when I teach her new things. She likes to be dominant in group of dogs but never attacks. In summary, she is very fast running, very friendly, intelligent, very sociable. When we work together in agility she doesn't loose focus with me when there are other dogs closeby.


This first year of Electra was great, she has learned many tricks this year and of course her skill in agility is great. This summer I will try to improve more her ability in all the obstacles in agility. Now we are working with the running contact with a new method that I created only for her. She is super fast, friendly, smart and very obedient. 


If I need to put a nick name to her maybe I can say "The Machine," because she never stop to play and work with me all the time. I am so happy with her and the selection that I got was perfect. I will continue send you updates how she is doing in the future and for sure the next year she will be ready to starting competing in agility.


Good wishes for you and I hope you continue improve the breeding for agility dogs and herding as well.


Electra at 1 year of age. She is super smart and friendly, and at this point she knows all the obstacles in agility and is ready to compete in basic trials (but she will have to wait 6 months more). We have created good bonding and the communication between us is awesome. I am impressed with how fast she learns and runs like a Ferrari. 


Thank you Suzy for your help when I was selecting this dog. Take care, and continue with excellent dogs like Electra.



(Rhett x L.T.P. Jen - 2018 Litter)

Tim Hauck - Tennessee

I recently met Tim Hauck at the Disk events in Chattanooga, TN and was so very impressed with his puppy, Kona. We had our pop-ups setup next to each other. Kona and I met and had an instant connection. What a sweet little girl she is. And what a great job he has done with her training, so far. She has a wonderful disposition (friendly, calm in a very "not calm" environment :) ). She, also, shows great focus and promise as a future disk dog. And her markings are beautiful. So to say I was smitten is an understatement.


Unfortunately, our household is full (with 3 BCs and 1 Cattledog). Otherwise, I would be putting my name on your puppy list. I will definitely keep you in mind when the time comes to look for another Border Collie.


Regards, Sue Bricker

Photo: GCR Kona, hanging out at her first Discdog competition



(Cinch x MFR Nutmeg - 2018 Litter)

Joy Jaskula - Massachusetts

I’d like to introduce Gold Creek Ranch Bess. She travelled well, was happy and confident on arrival, and we had a great fun first night in our motel room. We are catching a ferry and heading home to Nantucket Island this morning. Let the adventure of a lifetime begin💕🐾

Photo of Bess at two years old.

GCR Rhett Butler.jpg


(Cinch x MFR Nutmeg - 2017 Litter)

Kate Viles, Sunny Acres Farm - Vermont

This is GC Rhett Butler. He has completely assimilated into the household in less than 24 hours. He slept through the night (He is in a crate in our bedroom) and wasn’t the first one awake! He has gone on a couple of walks in the woods and is now sleeping quietly with the rest of the dogs. He is very dog savvy and reads each one well. Jack (senior dog) grumbles at him but then he grumbles at everyone. He is a doll!

He has had quite an eventful first week here in Vermont. First he was 12 hours late in arriving. He spent the night in Newark Airport because there were such bad storms. He walked out of his crate like he owned the world. He was introduced to the rest of the canine family here at Sunny Acres Farm. 9 Aussies, 1 ACD, and a Texas Heeler. He has assimilated into the pack seemlessly! He is determined that he and Otis, my red bi Aussie with a tail are going to be best buddies! He is working on Jack but he is a pretty hard sell. He is now a raw fed puppy and thinks that's pretty great!


Rhett has gone to agility class while I teach. Sleeps through the night. Had his first night with both of us working and was clean in his crate. Went to his first agility trial and was confident and happy. He meet lots of new people. And a few puppies. He played tug ringside. I am so proud of him. He is interested in the ducks and really wants to check out the sheep and goats. The llama.... not so much. Thank you Suzy Foss for this wonderful boy! I am so excited to see the road we will travel together.


Hi Suzy, Rhett is just amazing! He is very thoughtful and biddable when working livestock. Even with limited exposure I can see great things for him. In agility training he is focused and enthusiastic. I couldn't be more excited about our future as a team. He gets along with other dogs and loves people!!! His temperament is to die for!!!!



(Cinch x MFR Nutmeg - 2017 Litter)

Mykenzie & Eddie Johnson - Montana

My fiance' and I were finally ready to bring a puppy into our home with two cats to complete our family. I appreciated how communicative and friendly you were with me explaining the process and all about the breed. Going to the ranch to pick up our little pup was an amazing experience. Seeing him play with his siblings and see where he was born was something that made me really appreciate you as a breeder. It is so clear how deeply you care for the pups and their futures whether it be in herding, agility, service, or companionship. All in all, I am so thankful for the opportunity to get a pup from you because I can trust that we will have a strong, smart, healthy boy that we can train to reach his incredible potential.


Thank you for the work you do to raise these amazing pups and ensure that they go to good homes. I look forward to sharing "pupdates" of his growth and antics! 


Day 1. He's learned his name and "come here" (unless distracted by the cats). 

Thanks again!


LB graduates obedience school next Wednesday. He's doing so well and is fully potty trained, I'm happy to say! Next Tuesday he begins Beginners Agility Obedience classes. To get some fun, safe beginning agility exercise while encouraging impulse control and enforcing his general obedience off leash. He's been accepted to start psychiatric service dog training in next summer, though he is already performing some tasks for me at home. This training will complete with him passing the Public Access Test and Good Citizen Test. We are so happy with our sweet boy.


Handsome boy is learning so much (as are we). Gaining really strong individual bonds with Eddie and me. It's so interesting to see how his personality flows with each of us. He's so smart and loves to please us and work. Prioritizing his impulse control and leash manners. His loose leash heel is getting so good which makes is so happy for his future public access training for service work. We also work on around and between my legs so in public we take up less space and we gain confidence as a unit. Its his favorite "trick" so far. We are so happy with our boy.


Merry Christmas, Suzy. I am so thankful for the greatest gift I could have. LB has begun public access training for about two weeks now. He's been incredible. He alerts to physical symptoms of my panic and has even begun alerting to my heart rate by himself! In May he'll begin professional training to learn more alerts, positions, and medical alerts. Thank you so much for breeding your gorgeous, smart pups. Responsible breeding is a beautiful thing.


I can hardly believe my LB boy is 10.5 months old! (Meg x Cinch 2017 litter) in our 8 months together we have made major progress with his service training and have learned so much from each other. I'm immeasurably blessed to have this boy. He is currently 37 pounds and measuring at 23" girth 21" long and 21" tall.



(Rhett x L.T.P. Jen - 2017 Litter)

Brent Ruby Family - Montana

Banjo made it calmly through a candlelight Christmas Eve service and was enjoyed by all! Thanks for helping us make this an excellent Christmas! The cat even seems to enjoy him : )



(Rhett x L.T.P. Jen - 2017 Litter)

Mohn Family - Montana

She is doing great!! The nice weather has been a huge help. It has allowed us to take her walks and jogs. She is growing like a weed and we love her and are so happy that we got her!



(Rhett x L.T.P. Jen - 2017 Litter)

Flynn Family - Montana

Pippa had a great first night. No daughter slept on the floor and she thought that fluffy comforter was heaven she did pee and poop on her mat so no night time waking up!!!


Cassidy wanted to send you this and to say thank you again for her Christmas puppy! She sleeps on her bed every night and we are all totally in love with her! Merry Christmas!


Pipp at 5 1/2 months! Turning out to be an amazing dog! Very smart! Thank you Gold Creek 😊



(Rhett x L.T.P. Jen - 2016 Litter)

Becky Padgett Langley - Montana

Lucy is beautiful and loving. I got her in December and It was a long winter, as you can imagine, with an intelligent, action oriented pup but lots of giggles as well.

She is a family dog but has all the instincts of a worker, learns very fast and is eager to help. Lucy is very verbal when she thinks it is time to do something or time to eat. She wakes me up with a quick bark at 5 am for breakfast.

She is smaller than my last bc, 24 lbs at last weigh...perhaps 26 now. She can move!

Our best time is walking in the woods every morning. She has learned to wait quietly until the deer move on, she is free to chase squirrels, she runs ahead but returns often to see if she is needed.

She barks at unknown visitors and has been aggressive a time or two but as she learns to trust us, regarding visitors, that behavior seems to have mellowed.

Not great in the car as she dives at cars and power poles we pass by. She is sensitive to emotions and has licked a tear or two off my cheek....immediately making me forget the thing that upset me.


I am always happy to talk about Lucy. Her athleticism amazes me every day. Although she is a family pet and does not work animals, I see her instincts to do so. She is loving, protective, sensitive to an amazing level. She is beautiful of course. Most of this winter the snow has been too deep for me to walk much, so I took her out 2-3 times a day on the atv. She ran along side and has developed hard muscles with an unending endurance. It is remarkable how she works when we work and tries to do what we are doing. If we are shoveling or plowing she uses her paws to move snow. When we are doing firewood she gathers branches and takes them to the wood pile. If only I could get her to vacuum! Lucy is highly intelligent, hard working, loving, people oriented, happy and beautiful! I call her my "zippity do da" girl.



(Rhett x L.T.P. Jen - 2017 Litter)

Frank Recht Family - Montana


Day 1. Just wanted to say thanks and let you know everything is going well. The boys named the pup Nash, he is starting to acclimate. He has been very playful and loving, and seems to be very relaxed. 


Nash is doing great and growing like a weed. Can't wait for the spring to get him outside running with us - we can tell he's ready. He's now the king of the house and has transitioned from lounging inside to laying outside in the afternoons soaking up some sun and standing guard over the property until someone shows up and then he runs inside - funny. He's happiest in the evenings with some sort of ball or frisbee in his mouth and showing us all how high he can jump. He's still learning the coordination of catching things but he's keeping us all entertained watching him learn. The potty training was very smooth and at night goes into his crate on his own and goes to sleep. He's super happy to travel anywhere and his disposition with other dogs has been great. He makes us smile and laugh daily.



(Rhett x L.T.P. Jen - 2016 Litter)

Bonnie Doerfler - Montana

I am excited that lovely Jen is going to have her second litter with papa, Rhett. My dog's name is River and she is the best dog I have ever had, and I have had 10 dogs, including, River, in my 62 years. I have never had a Border Collie. I have always have wanted one. OH MY. She is so smart, willing, athletic, loyal and has the best personality. I could go on and on.


If I could have more dogs, I would love another pup from your upcoming litter. The new owners will not be sorry at all with a Jen/Rhett pup. I am a long distance runner, horseback rider, swimmer, mountain biker and very active. She accompanies me everywhere. I waited until she was the appropriate age, and introduced her to each activity as advised by my vet. She is great with other dogs and with people. She is very friendly. I have NEVER heard her growl. She barks very little. I could go on and on. I love her very much and so does my husband. She is great with my horse and two dogs.


River plays with her toys like her mom Jen does. River can bring me any toy I name (up to 20). It is a game we started when she was very young. I have two large tins with her toys located in them. I ask her to bring me her dragon and she will dig through the toys, find it, and bring it to me. We go through all 20 in one setting. It shows how smart Border Collies are. I marvel in her intelligence.


Where we run, there are cows in the pasture we run in. She will herd the stragglers back into the herd and then come back to me. She loves the snow, loves the cats and of course, loves her buddy - my horse, Cisco. To tell you the truth, I think my husband Gregg is her favorite in the family. That warms my heart, he had such a difficult time after we lost our Labrador, Moon, a year a before getting River. He did not want another dog because of the heartache, but I so missed that special love a dog gives. He just told me the other day, "Bonnie, I am happy you talked me into getting, River." He loves her too. Thank you so much Suzy!


River, Cisco (my horse ) and I went for a wonderful bareback ride in the deep snow today. How magical. That little dog can sure move. Cisco loves chasing her. She loves Cisco so much. She always lets him know how happy she is to see him, wagging her tail and giving him kisses on his nose. Have a wonderful new year.

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(Cinch x MFR Nutmeg - 2017 Litter)

Sharon & Dan Daughtrey - California

Wyatt just started obedience school and is doing really well. He is a great family member.

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