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What Dogs See vs. What Humans See

Outstanding education on what dogs see vs we humans and how we need to adapt our expectations to their reality in developing their life skills and our relationship with them.

Letter to Suzy from Robin Eschenbruecher:

Some time back I found a Rick Gore (Think Like a Horse) video on limitations with a dog's vision. Here is a link in case you are interested in watching it at any point.  If you do I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.

In this video Rick Gore compares a dog's vision to a cat, horse and human vision. I was shocked to learn the limitations with a dog's vision, because I've spent a lot of time learning how dogs communicate but knew nothing about how they see.  I'd just assumed that dogs have vision comparable to human vision which was ignorant of me. I guess I assumed that a dog sees like humans because of the amazing things they are capable of like running so far out after sheep and herding them back. Having full senses (sight, hearing, smell) is pretty important for a working dog or trail dog and for their safety. I want to minimize any chance of hearing or vision loss with my future puppy. Anyhoo, this man's main channel is called Think Like a Horse but this video is on his channel Think Like a Dog.   Have a great evening and thanks as always for your time. Sincerely, Robin Eschenbruecher


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