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Pups Available!

BCW TEXAS x BB GCR GRACE welcomed their first litter on March 19!

Grace gave birth to nine beautiful puppies - 6 females, 3 males. We have PUPS AVAILABLE FROM THIS LITTER.

BCW Texas is my ideal dog, he is my heartbeat and best friend, so easy to live with and everyone, human and canine, love him. Texas qualified for the National Sheepdog Championship in his first year of training and five Nursery trials. BB GCR Grace is Texas in a rough coat female version. She is such a sweet and easy dog to have in the house and out in the pastures. Both professionally trained by herding experts and proven as outstanding working dogs. Texas has international herding champions on both sides of his pedigree and Grace represents some of the finest Broken Circle lines from parents to great grandparents. For evaluations from Norman Close and Rocky Brown plus full pedigrees and info on our program, visit our website.

If you are interested in a puppy from this or a future GCRBC litter, please visit our PUPPIES page which will guide you through the process.


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