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Pupdate: GCR Vandelay

Hi Suzy, I wanted to mail you a handwritten note, so you'd know that what I had to say was special. But, my handwriting was so darn sloppy that after six torn up stationery cards, I decided email would be better and more legible: Vandelay is my heart. Your little Texas x Grace 2021 "dark green collar" smooth coat boy is such a delight and has an ideal temperament for us. We are so happy he is part of our family! He and his border collie sister, who is about nine months older than Vandelay, are best friends. They play and run and have a good 'ol time. And, he helped her grow up and gain confidence. (She was a rescue we fostered last summer and then kept.) The difference between the two is quite dramatic -- and I am 100% certain that it was due to how well you raised Vandelay during his first 8 weeks. He had manners and confidence right out of the gate, and training him has been a breeze. He came to us from a loving home, into another loving home, so success is virtually guaranteed. (It's a very different experience than the rescue who pretty much spent her first 12 weeks alone with her littermates in a small outdoor kennel while the rescuer worked two jobs!) Vandelay brings joy to everyone he meets. We've made two trips to the 911 center for what I've since called "therapuppy" visits. He was magic, brightening everyone's day, even if for just a moment -- the toss of a ball, a pat on the head, a lap cuddle, or a kiss (or two, or three)... He was well-behaved and literally looked as if he was smiling. Wednesday is the 1-year anniversary of the passing of our beloved border collie, Bogart. While we will always remember him lovingly, it feels as though the stars aligned and my heart finally feels full again. We are so pleased that from among all the applicants you chose us, so we could find our Vandelay. Thank you, Kris


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