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Pupdate: GCR Tovi

Thank you Lenzy Ham for all the updates on your handsome pup Tovi! We love seeing all the adventures the two of you share together!

From Lenzy: The many sillies of Tovi. He says to tell you all that you must water and allow to dig in mud and sand daily your puppies. Sisters food (elevated for Great Dane) is always better. Exploring the world from shopping carts at pet friendly places is the best but mom never goes fast enough for my curiosity to be satisfied.

This little muddy man is already my right hand man when it comes to penning the poultry. He had figured out how to slightly awkwardly, but still gets the job done, convince the birds to go in their coop at night. With plenty of help from me of course. We are starting to really develop a good dance and rhythm in working the birds. He even showed that he will protect his flock from my big Dane x who is the opposite of poultry friendly. I am so impressed with him and everyday he finds a new way to blow me away.


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