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Pupdate: GCR Pippin

Hi Suzy, Here’s a quick update on Pippin (Texas x Skye - 2019 litter). He’s doing great at 7 months old and 46 lbs! He’s been going standup paddle boarding with us this summer, which he took to very quickly. He’s even started to enjoy jumping in and swimming between our boards. We also play frisbee a few times a week and he’s a natural at it. Somehow he can even track my worst throws. He also loves playing with his friends, especially his Schnauzer buddy. In fact, he loves pretty much everyone, so it’s been very easy taking him almost everywhere we go. He just passed out of puppy obedience and should be ready for some agility classes in a couple months. He is so insanely smart that he picks up new things quickly and most of the time can understand what we’re saying to him. Last night he helped pick up his toys, finding them under furniture and dropping them into the toy basket! It seems like everyday he does something new that we were never expecting. We love him very much. Hopefully we can visit the ranch with him sometime next year. It would be very fun to see him and Texas side by side. We couldn’t have asked for a better pup! Take care, Tim (and Lynn) Seattle, WA


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