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Pupdate: GCR Oliver

GCR Oliver (BCW Texas x L.T.P. Jen)

Hi Suzy and Amber! Sorry it took so long for me to send an update, it's been such an eventful few weeks post graduation. We just got back from a road trip, where the dogs got to hike and swim and play all day for an entire week (there was never anyone around so I felt safe letting Oliver run around on the ground). Oliver's left eye has decided that it wants to be brown, but his ears are still trying to figure out whether they want to stay floppy. He's 20 pounds!! It went by so fast :((( He is the calmest, sweetest, smartest boy ever. He's never scared of any crazy sounds in NYC, always curious. He does this thing where he just sits and stares straight into your eyes all the time, it is so loving. He learns tricks in a flash. At puppy play dates, he plays so nicely with the other pups. I also noticed that he is very confident in a cool manner. He lets the other dogs come and grab onto the rope he holds in his mouth because he knows he will win (and he always does!). And of course, Mo and Oliver are bonding a lot, they like to lie close to each other if not occasionally on top of each other. I'm having the greatest time with these two guys, and I can't wait until Oliver gets his third shot in 2 weeks so we can go on walks around NYC.

Photos coming soon!


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