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Pupdate: GCR Josie

Josie's coat is pretty short/smooth. She weighs 14.3 pounds today (12 weeks old). I’d love to hear how she compares to her siblings on size. She’s wonderful, a fun, calm, happy, good pup. She loves people, especially children, and loves other dogs. She’s a perfect combination of brave and cautious, and comes to me in new situations, and easily gains confidence to engage whatever’s new. I love her to bits!! She brought her squirrel up on the couch to nap with her….

I’d love to hear how big her siblings are at this point.

Susie Ruffatto

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Tim Carlson
Tim Carlson
24 de mar. de 2020

Josie is super cute! Her brother Pip is 20.3 lbs at 12 weeks!

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