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Pupdate: GCR Grizzly

Here is GCR Grizzly (BCW Texas x L.T.P. Jen - 2019 litter) showing us one of his favorite activities for hot summer days. Sure does look refreshing!

PUPDATE from Grizzly's owner Nelci:

Hi Suzy, all is good, we are healthy and working.  Griz’s training is coming alone well.  I usually take my time since I like to build a strong foundation.  He is big so I don’t want to stress his body till he is fully grown, so I won’t compete with him till he is close to 2 years of age.  I am also doing some new stuff with him, called “running contacts” and it takes time to train 😊  He is teaching me a lot, he is very smart and I need to take it easy and be gentle with with, a bit of a soft boy 😊  We are definitely having a lot of fun.  Thank you and say hi to Lee for me.


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