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Pupdate: GCR Daisy

Dear Suzy,

Thank you so much for spending so much time with me today. I appreciate everything you did for me: From answering my questions, to giving me time to bond with Daisy over lunch.

Thank you again for lunch and the PetSmart trip. Daisy certainly embodied the "shop til you drop" mentality. :)

You really helped me provide for a wonderful transition and safe travels.

After you left, we settled in and she took a small nap on my arm. She was dreaming (dream running) and wagged her tail a bit which makes me very happy that she was having happy dreams while sleeping on my arm.

We then went outside for a potty (both number one and number two!), some light wrestling (it was really her just walking and falling over me while I pet her), and lots of chew toys. She just now plopped down and is ready for bed.

Thank you for everything you did which I know started well before she was born to get her into my arms.

Daisy will be well loved and provided for.

With love,



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