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Pupdate: GCR Clancy

From Clancy's family:

We gave Clancy his first bath last evening. Lola figured the kitchen sink was the best place for it. He… did… not.. like… it. He was scrambling, trying to get out, yelling his head off, which I’m sure in Border Speak it was “HEY, you guys, I ain’t no water dog!” He’s barking and yelping, splashing water all over the kitchen, big brother Ollie is barking HIS head off because of all the commotion, we’re laughing so hard we can barely hang on to the wet, squirming pup… it was a circus. But boy, did he like the snuggling he got from Mama while she dried him off. Then he crashed and slept until almost 5:00 when he had to go outside. I’ve been taking him to the Commissioners’ office with me and he’s a big hit. He seems to just naturally love people and they love him. We’ve just gone head over heels with this little dog. He’s sitting next to me on the couch right now, zonked out from his hard day at the office!


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