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Pupdate: GCR Ana Montana

This is Ana Montana owned by Gary and Christina Powell. Ana is from Cinch and Nutmeg's first litter, the same litter GCR Electra came from. I am so proud of Ana, her first lesson and all of the distractions going on, what a great, good girl! Ana and her family live out near Palm Springs, so finding a good trainer close to home is a real God send. Ana sailed through her puppy classes almost three years ago but this is their first chance to go further with her. Lots of fun ahead for all three.

Pupdate from Gary:

Well, Ana is finally enrolled in an agility class that is close to our home. She’s a natural. We thought she wouldn’t want to go through the tunnel part; but we learned how to do it. Gary spent all weekend making 2 of the forms for practice. It was funny; but her reward is jumping on me & giving a hug!

They tricked us on the final run because that long blue tunnel wasn’t there for practice & she didn’t know what to do!

Her jumps are effortless. Gary put the bar higher than what trainer had. All of this was in her first class. Amazing. We are ready for more. Classes are each Saturday for a month. We’re lucky to have met our local dog trainer.


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