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Pupdate: GCR Arrow - Service Dog in Training

Arrow is doing fantastic. Got his third round of shots taken care of a couple weeks ago and the Vet said he’s in great health. He’s growing like a tree. Seems like we don’t notice it then one day he’s an inch taller and a few pounds heavier. Since we got his shots done we’ve started taking him to dog parks which is such a treat to watch. He plays very well with every dog, big and small, although he still hasn’t quite learned that not every dog wants to play with an energetic puppy such as himself. The other day was great because there was a woman there with a 3 year old border collie and to watch arrow and this other BC chase a ball together was so fun. He’s getting great with his recall. Not perfect but occasionally he’s able to break from playing and chasing when he hears my whistle and he’ll come sprinting back to me. I didn’t expect the growing connection to hit me this way but it’s a complete new joy in my life. The highlight of my day is coming home to him and then spending every possible minute with him. We got him a service dog in training vest and I took him into a Target for his first test to see how he’d handle a big bright store with new smells and people and I was floored. He didn’t pull on the lead, didn’t focus his attention on anyone else, didn’t get fixated on any particular smell, he was perfectly behaved for a puppy.

A couple of weeks ago we took him on his biggest hike yet which was a 6 mile round trip in the North Cascades which he handled so so so well. Didn’t show any signs of tiring out until the end when he was dragging me down the trail but it was pouring rain and cold so he just wanted to get back to my truck. The only slight negative we have with him so far, which he’s doing well to fix, is he still has that distrust in men. Not all men but some. Certainly seems like the ones who come at him wrong or just put off a bad vibe are the ones he’ll bark or lunge at but we’re doing well to get him to sit when he meets new people. I plan on getting him enrolled in obedience training in the next few weeks as well.

Overall everything with him is so good, would be perfect if he’d chew his own toys and not our shoes but we forgive him for that. The journey continues and we’re stoked he’s with us for it.

Take care,

Matt, Charlotte, & Arrow

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