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BC Red Rover x BC Lucy

ABC 476021

2019 Black & White Rough Coat Female


Grace was in training with Rocky Brown of Broken Circle Border Collies in Indian Valley, Idaho since late September and she is a rock star! She has graduated from sheep to cattle and ROCKY IS IN LOVE WITH HER! Lee went down right after Christmas for lessons with Rocky and brought Grace home. She will work with Jen as helpers for Lee on our cattle. 

On March 19, 2020 Grace whelped her first litter, sired by BCW Texas. Both Grace and Texas were professionally trained by herding experts and have proven to be outstanding working dogs. Texas has international herding champions of both sides of his pedigree and Grace represents some of the finest Broken Circle lines from parents to great grandparents.


Screen Shot 2022-06-05 at 10.13.10 PM.png


Grace's sire BC Red Rover
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