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Producing quality Border Collies

excelling in herding, agility, service, and as therapy and family dogs


Breeding Top Quality Border Collies Since 2003

Lifetime Members of the ABCA

Certified Good Dog Breeder




Welcome to our website - we're honored you're considering purchasing a puppy from us!

First and foremost, we ask that you thoroughly read every page on this site. We strive to provide as much transparency about our breeding program, how we make our decisions, and what we do to prepare our puppies for you, and what we require from you moving forward for the sake of our puppies' long-term health and well-being. 

If you are interested in a Gold Creek Ranch Border Collie...

You will need to take some time to read through our website. We have spent years creating this site as a tool to guide you along the process of not only puppy selection, but even more important - identifying and sharing the tools that will assist you and your puppy in building a successful life together.

PLEASE NOTE: This website ( is the ONLY official website of our breeding program! We have been notified of others stealing the website copy from our site word for word (including our names!) and using it on websites they have created for FAKE Border Collie breeding programs leading people to believe they are selling pups of our breeding. Those sites are SCAMS and not in any way associated with our program.   

"...she is one of the most well-adjusted and adaptable dogs I've ever met. I am certainly good with dogs and she is attending weekly puppy classes. Those factors help, yes. But first and foremost, her disposition is a result of fantastic breeding, and early socialization. She is the product of generations of carefully crafted lineages, and then weeks of work before she ever came into my care. Thank you for laying the phenomenal foundation I now get to build upon!"

Gin Williams

Dog mom to GCR Aoife (BCW Texas x GCR Skye Blue - April 2021 litter)




Thank you for your interest in Gold Creek Ranch Border Collies!

Feel free to give Suzy a call or text between 8am - 8pm MST Monday through Saturday.





Suzy Foss​

365 South Gold Creek Loop

Hamilton, Montana 59840


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