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Outside Stud: CINCH

BC-Mac Duff x Molly

ABCA 407212

2014 Red Tri Rough Coat Male


Cinch is owned by Austin Patterson


I’ve known Cinch since he was a baby as his breeding is from our dog Molly whose bloodline goes back to our first Border Collie, Creekside Skye. Skye was a perfect dog in every way - she was keen on cattle, a great producer of wonderful pups from several different studs, and she was a loving and devoted family member who welcomed everyone with a smile and a wagging tail.  


The decision to breed Molly to BC-Mac Duff was easy as his breeding tied in to her dam line by way of the dam's sire line. He has Robin Nuffer Brown’s Broken Circle Sue twice as he is out of Broke-C Creasy x Goodwin Reba. I share these lines as they are some of the great cattle dogs in the recent past.  


Cinch is an excellent stock dog having worked in the allies of Missoula Livestock Exchange where he sorted cattle and he has come down to help gather and sort our cattle many times and is always worth his weight in gold. He consistently produces wonderful pups and many are now competing in tough agility competitions and winning like crazy. He has also produced service dogs, search and rescue, and of course herding while giving his sweet temperament to his puppies allowing them to be valued family members and companions.


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