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Welcome to our website and I’m honored that you are considering a purchase of a puppy from us.

Please go through the website thoroughly as almost all questions I’m asked have been answered and we update quite often. For each of our dogs, on their individual pages you will find their full pedigree, photo section, health panels, and photos of some of their litters. 

Under Resources are two wonderful items I want all of our new puppy owners to purchase in advance to learn the most current information on puppy and dogs communication and understanding processes and the best way to start your role in your puppies development from day one.  Leslie McDevitt's book “Control Unleashed Puppy” is absolutely perfect for all dogs and is heavily based upon her experience with Border Collies as an agility trainer.

Absolute Dogs is the perfect follow up as they have developed a development program from puppy (Pups to Perfection is a great video) to adulthood and can be used on any age and really helps with rescued animals as well. 

These processes are very similar to the natural horsemanship we incorporated into our Arabian horse breeding program over 30 years ago.  Observing the interaction between members of herds or with canine packs with and within litters and the various ages and temperaments of the members Is so amazing.  Very clear and clean roles and rules.

Our animals read our body language. They read our emotions via eyes and mouth, they see the tightness or looseness of our bodies.  They know our current health even as it changes.  They hear minute variances in our tones of voice.  Canines can smell our bodies differing information in split second data.

You cannot lie to a dog and when you add in the superior brilliance of our breed, well we are toast if we do not invest in their mental health by first learning how they communicate and then by taking advantage of these games to continue keeping their minds engaged. Short, simple games can accomplish an amazing growth in your relationship daily and the rewards are a happy devoted companion for life.

This approach to development can and should include all family members, even the youngest ones and it is positive for any job you have for your dog as these games build confidence, sensibly, builds calm, encourages excitement for learning tasks, and really ensures consistency by removing the fear reactions and wasted energy distracted dogs suffer from.

I hope you will embrace these tools and prepare prior to taking any new dog or puppy into your family environment be it on a farm, ranch, a home in the suburbs, or a skyscraper in Manhattan.   

I look forward to your Pupdates as you move forward with a GCRBC puppy.

Suzy Foss




Gold Creek Ranch Border Collies

Gold Creek Ranch Border Collies

Gold Creek Ranch Border Collies

Gold Creek Ranch Border Collies



Gold Creek Ranch Border Collies

Gold Creek Ranch Border Collies

Gold Creek Ranch Border Collies

Gold Creek Ranch Border Collies

Gold Creek Ranch


Gold Creek Ranch had been in the Foss family for 97 years when a then 22 year old Sam Foss Sr purchased it. Eventually the ranch was divided between Sam and Alice Foss’s heirs. Sam’s youngest son Lee and wife Suzy Foss began their share of the ranching business in 1982.

The ranch is located in the Bitterroot Valley of western Montana, a part of the Rocky Mountains. For over 45 years Suzy bred purebred Arabian horses and has just recently sold the last of her breeding stock to concentrate 100% on breeding top quality ABCA Registered Border Collies. Gold Creek Ranch breeds Border Collies for stock, agility, service and therapy, and great companions for active homes.


Our dogs are ranch raised, well socialized and we run full panel genetic testing on all of our dogs (all our dogs are 100% clear on full panel genetic testing). We ship our dogs after appropriate kennel training and all will be current for age appropriate shots and worming. We want all of our dogs placed in happy, healthy homes and guarantee them or we will take them back. References available upon request.


Lifetime Members of the ABCA

Border Collies for sale in  Montana

Our Commitment


Our goal is to ensure every life we bring into being, be it colt or pup, that these precious lives be prepared for the world beyond our Montana ranch. The pups from birth to six weeks are handled daily and stimulated by a series of gentle movements that build up stress response to the point that by six weeks the pups are able to handle change in environment, noise levels, sudden moves and the activity of ranch life with total aplomb. The dogs are exposed to the noise and constant activity of ranch life, visitors and family. Our grandchildren are major helpers in the desensitizing of the pups, their socialization and of course being showered with love and gentle handling. Our ranch has regular visits by elk, deer, bear, coyotes nightly, Sand Hill cranes, eagles, and the cattle and horses are pastured within 20 feet of the puppy play yard.

Our buyers have all been raving about how calm and totally happy the puppies are when they first come out of the crate they have been shipped in across the country. They assimilate into new homes effortlessly. We try to keep a relationship with our new members of the Gold Creek Ranch Border Collies family, asking for progress reports, photos and success stories. We guarantee our puppies to be healthy and sound and should a pup not work out we will either credit for another pup or refund the purchase price if the issue is due to genetic fault. If a puppy needs rehoming due to unexpected life issues we will do all we can to assist to accomplish it and to ensure a quality home.



Intelligent. Active. Intense.
Faithful. Loving. Playful.


Our Dogs & Puppies


Joan and Lynn Mason of Mission Falls Ranch have guided us every step of the way on our journey to become breeders of top quality Border Collies. The integrity of their program matches how I approached our horse business. The foundation of 45 years in the business - for them in Border Collies and us in Arabian Horses - gave us such a common ground for developing how the Gold Creek Ranch program could develop using the best of their breeding with our Creekside Skye (C.S. Sage ABC 205880 x Canmore Nell ABC 53267), adding bitches from their program and breeding to the best of their stud dogs. It has worked perfectly for both parties for over 14 years. Skye’s pups can be found all across the USA. Another MFR dog we purchased, Molly, was bred to BC-Mac Duff and had an outstanding litter with pups sent as far away as Alaska.  

We had just purchased Sunny Tu (Rhett ABC 3822549 x Nan ABC 293688) in 2014 believing Skye would be her mentor dog, when in a short period of time our Skye became quite ill and had to be humanely put down. Little Tu had big shoes to fill and fill them she did! Her excellent breeding came through with flying colors. Brilliant on cattle, always a puppy face full of joy and her pups from her only litter, funny enough just two, are now brilliant adults. Her female pup Candela was shipped at 8 weeks to an agility trainer in Puerto Rico and from day one he was thrilled with her. Unfortunately we lost Tu in the winter of 2016 due to an unfortunate accident. Her loss not only devastated us but put our program back indefinitely - or so we thought.


Once again enter the Masons. I had been negotiating the purchase of their L.T.P. Jen but we had agreed not to finalize until after our Meg (MFR Nutmeg) had produced her upcoming litter and we had shipped them all. Which was at least 3 months away. A phone call from Joan asking how we were all doing, my sharing that Meg had stopped eating due to the loss of her best bud and half sister, Joan said “I think you should come get Jen, don’t you?” I was on the road within an hour and yes, Meg started eating again within 24 hours of Jen settling in and asking for play time with her.

Today we have two exceptional girls, MFR Nutmeg and L.T.P. Jen. The addition of one more bitch will round out our program.  

MFR Nutmeg ABC 422859 is by the Mason’s Rhett ABC 382549 out of GR ZoeyCK-S ABC 368361. Meg is 100% clear on full panel genetic testing. A smooth coat red merle, Meg is an intense dog who has great humor and likes to play tricks on everyone she can. She is really coming along on cattle and produced her first litter in May of 2017. Seven lovely pups who are dispersed all across the country working a variety of interesting jobs. Everything from working livestock (of course!) and agility to service dog and physical therapy dog, as well as companion family dogs. UPDATE: August 2019, Nutmeg has been retired from breeding.

L.T.P. Jen ABC 415184 is a black and white medium coat by Shep ABC 368272 owned by Allison Jarrad of Kaycee, WY and out of Ettrick Fay ABC 386431 owned by Laura T. Pearson of Kemmerer, WY.  Jack Knox of Butler, MO bred Ettrick Fay from his Nap and Ettrick Dot. Jen is 100% clear on full panel genetic testing. Jen is a gentle, sweet soul with a wee bit of sly silly in her. She can entertain herself for hours with a ball, throwing it and then catching, popping it in the air, balancing it in her paws while on her back and literally holding it way above her face until she lightly tosses it and catches on the down fall. Send her for the cattle and it is all work and work well done. She does hate birds in her cattle and horse pastures and has taught the others how to keep them away. Her first litter by Rhett has been a huge success and she is due to whelp 8 pups on the 23rd of October 2017 in a repeat breeding in partnership with the Masons.


Pups from Sunny Tu's 2015 litter, L.P.T. Jen's 2016 litter, and MFR Nutmeg's 2017 litter are excelling in agility. These pups are generating much interest in Jen and Nutmeg's future litters. Nutmeg's siblings and cousins are performing brilliantly in the northeastern states, creating additional interest in her puppies. Livestock owners of those same three litters are thrilled with the stock work by their pups. As companions, pups from these litters are loving and sweet-natured. We couldn't be more proud of how are girls are producing!

The purchase of a stud dog for breeding was a big step for us but one that makes perfect sense. With Joan’s suggestion we contacted Border Collies West out of the Austin area of Texas. The Schwab brothers own a large agricultural organization that includes breeding top Border Collies (ranch assets) since 1956. I am honored to have had the chance to do business with Richard Schwab before he passed away in August of 2017 at the time of the horrific hurricane Harvey. We named our eight week “stud” Texas for his home state and we could not be happier with our choice.  

BCW Texas ABC 449094 is a black and white medium coat male by Robert Schwab’s imported IMP. Foxridge Taff ABC 432208. Taff is sired by Tanhill Glen ISDS 323193 who is a 2015 European Nursery Champion. His dam is P.L. Josey ABC 415593 bred by Anita Pratt of Blackfoot, ID and owned by Richard Schwab. This breeding is full of international champions and great European breeding programs and Texas should bring some great imported vigor to our western states programs. Texas is 100% clear on full panel genetic testing.

We typically have two litters a year and welcome you to fill out our puppy questionnaire to get on our puppy waiting list.



Border Collies




ADDRESS: 365 Gold Creek Loop, Hamilton, Montana 59840

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Feel free to give Suzy a call or text between 8am - 8pm MST Monday through Saturday.

Thank you for your interest in

Gold Creek Ranch Border Collies!

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ADDRESS: 365 Gold Creek Loop, Hamilton, Montana 59840

PHONE: 406-360-1344

Gold Creek Ranch Border Collies