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Resources and Training Recommendations


I wanted this page created so I have a place to share valuable information, tips and links that can provide incredible and extremely helpful information to assist you with your new pup.

There is so much new information available and such great resources for fun, short 3-minute games that, from birth to old age, will help you and your dogs grow into a perfect team. Reward-based training, learning how to communicate in a way that the dog can understand (they can learn huge vocabularies but to learn what words mean requires us to understand how they relate to us in ways that are not obvious).

High energy fun and various treats and love is the best and really the only way to get your dogs to develop quickly and easily from being a chewer, a barker, over reactive, 'no way am I going to come when you need me to,' etc. - all of the things that can make life frustrating to both owner and the dog who knows he or she has displeased the family that they most want to please, but have no idea what they did despite what you think.

I will try to add new resources as I find them and check them out. However, the two listed above work well together and one may fit you better than the other. The biggest thing is pups can be over-stimulated if too much training and too long a session on a daily basis. Every day should have some time set aside, usually several 3 minute games (as you can fit them in and not all at once on those young, under 9 month pups), times that can easily be fit into a busy schedule that works best for dog and owners. Absolute Dogs is great as they post fun new games or bring up particular issues and how to address often in quick How To’s online. They will be in the U.S. later this fall and I am excited to hopefully be a part of the travel group with them as my sister is the U.S. coordinator for this tour. I will let you know if we are going to be able to get them this far west on this trip.

Please never hesitate to call or write if you need help, encouragement or just want to share something fun, silly or special about you dogs. I love to hear from you all.

God Bless and hoping for a fantastic year for you and your pups!

Suzy Foss

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Article from "Hounds to Horses Physiotherapy:"

This radiograph is of a 2 week old puppy.

If you look closely, you will notice how far the bones have to grow before you have a proper joint! This is why you must be incredibly careful and mindful of growth plates. Too much exercise, jumping up etc too soon can cause serious complications later on in the dogs life. 

Remember the basic puppy rule:

Increase by 5 minutes per month!



8 weeks old = 10 minutes exercise per day

6 month old = 30 minutes exercise per day

Exercise includes: walks, training, playing, running! Orthopaedic conditions in young pups are on the rise! Please ensure you bare this in mind while enjoying your new puppy!


Please visit Hounds to Horses Physiotherapy on Facebook:


Attention All Puppy Owners - Please Read

I highly recommend taking a few minutes to read this article on Early Neurological Stimulation by Dr. Carmen L. Battaglia. This is the stimulation technique that we use with our pups. 


Link to Article >


Early Neurological Stimulation

Here is a transcript from a canine reproductive seminar. Everyone with intact animals should read it and understand the differences in bitch's cycles vs other mammals.

Canine Reproductive Seminar Dr. Hutch >


Transcript from Canine Reproductive Seminar

We encourage anyone with a Border Collie or other double-coated breed to read this article.

Click here to read >


Why Shaving Your Double-Coated Dog is Not Your Best Idea

Click here to read the article published by The IAABC Journal, written by David Lane, DVM.


Read article >


Spay and Neuter Surgery’s Effects on Orthopedic Disease, Behaviour, and General Health in Dogs


Excerpt from article:

Pet Owner vs Breeder

The accuracy and specificity of an inherited disease diagnosis are particularly important in the world of dog breeding where every potential health issue must be considered prior to breeding. Unlike general pet owners who may not need to know the specific underlying molecular mechanisms of a disease (especially when there is no routine clinical treatment), the world of dog breeding has grown increasing savvy about the potential of genetic testing technologies and their use in preventing production of diseased puppies.



Health / Genetics:

The Veterinarian’s Corner: Genetic Heterogeneity and Its Importance in Dog Breeding

Research shows dogs pay close attention to different human facial expressions.

Click here to read the article published by Psychology Today >

Health / Behavior:

Dogs Watch Us Carefully and Read Our Faces Very Well

We encourage you to visit for great health, nutrition, and other valuable information regarding your beloved pet!

Please CLICK ON IMAGE to view full image.


A Chart of Foods from Good to Never for Dogs

Fruits and vegetables for dogs can rev up important nutrients in their diet. Plus they make a tasty dog treat! Of course, certain fruits and vegetables will be better for your dog than others. Take a look at the ten best, and consider adding them to your dog’s meal routine.

Click here to read the full article >


10 Best Fruits and Vegetables for Dogs

Dr. Ian Dunbar is a great source for both preventative and repair and is universally well respected.


Link to where you can see/purchase most of his training videos:


Veterinarian / Dog Training Expert Dr. Ian Dunbar

As mentioned in my page introduction above, another great source is Absolute Dogs out of the UK.


Tom and Lauren have developed some outstanding games that are also fun, quick and work.


Absolute Dogs

Trainer Nancy Tanner of Paws and People, lives in Bozeman, MT, does Freestyle Dancing, Herding, Triebball and Agility with her Border Collies. This is such a great way to teach a puppy manners without butting heads....great for active puppies. She has a school in Bozeman and does private and group classes. Her website has hundreds of articles on health, vaccines, diet, and training. You can find hundreds of training videos on her YouTube channel. She has a great approach, kind and fair.

Link to Nancy Tanner's video "CALM gets everything, PUSHY gets nothing:"

Link to Video >  

Link to Paws and People Website >


Training Techniques

Farm Diggity

Great place to purchase collars, leashes, cute household

Border Collie stuff at wonderful prices!


Great place to purchase discs for your dog disc enthusiast:



When Shopping for Your Border Collie, Consider Buying Here

Link to Chris Zink's video on how to assess your dog's structure and why it's important >

Jennifer Neitzke - Jawanna Border Collies
ABCA Registered Border Collies
(989) 860-4157

Another great article on Border Collies, "What a Border Collie Taught a Linguist About Language." 

Link to Article >

Article on Hip Dysplasia:

Other Useful Resources