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Pupdate: GCR Arrow (Rhett x Jen 2018 litter)


Good evening Suzy! I apologize for the severe lack in pupdates over the last while, our life was pretty hectic this winter. Nothing but great things to report on Arrow. I’ve probably said this every time I’ve emailed you but he’s just so so smart, to the point he knows certain swear words mean bad things, and the biggest sweetheart in that on the weekends when we sleep in he has no problem cuddling in bed for an extra hour or two. He’s learning things so fast these days and really coming into his own personality, it’s magical to see. This winter was a little rough on him as I was enrolled in a welding class that had me putting in 12 hour days and Charlotte was working long days but we were extremely fortunate to find some dog-sitters who were very well-versed in border collies and they did an amazing job at filling the void with hikes and snow days and obedience training, so I think Arrow probably came out of the winter better than he was going into it. The current state of the world sucks but Arrow is thrilled because he gets to spend so much time with us as we’re both working from home so much. Our journey continues and he’s the best thing I could have with me as it does. I hope you and your family are doing well and staying healthy. Take care, Suzy.

-Matt, Char, and Arrow


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