The Girls

GCR Joyous

GCR Smoke x L.T.P. Jen

ABC Pending

2020 Blue Merle Tri Rough Coat Female

We have been waiting for the right time to retain one of Jen's pups to be her eventual replacement in our program. Jen is so dear to us not only for her working abilities, but also because she is such a joy to be around - whether on the ranch or in the house. When she whelped this litter, so many signs told us this was the right time. Of the seven pups in the litter, only one is a female. This is the one and only litter sired by our GCR Smoke (grandson of our first Border Collie Creekside Skye and contains some of the best of Mission Falls Ranch breeding) before he was sold, another sign. To top it off, this pup is a carbon copy of her daddy in coloring (even down to the eyes!) and she has the same sweet disposition as both her parents. We can't wait to see what the future brings for our Joy!


Border Collies

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